Optimizing Amazon Conversion for Philips Hue

Convert more visitors by user testing and improving images and videos on Amazon for Philips Hue

Philips Hue
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A Global Company in Smart Lighting

Hue is a global smart lighting brand of Philips Lighting. Its products and apps are popular lifestyle gadgets. They're sold worldwide through many different channels, including physical stores and 3rd party e-commerce websites.

Struggling on Amazon

The Hue team found that selling online, especially on Amazon, is tough. With so many features to highlight, how can you make it easy for everyone to understand? The team ran a costly content creation process, while struggling with the unclear needs of digital users.

Better User Experience and Workflow

Our two-member team analyzed top Amazon brands, testing hundreds of creatives with modern tools. The result? A guide that enhances the customer experience and refines internal workflows, improving agency collaborations.

Three amazon product page images of Philips Hue

Example of e-commerce assets created and tested for the project. In total, 250 assets where created by a single visual designer.

Discovering What Works Best: A Deep Dive into UX 'Best Practices'

Even without initial performance data, the team was determined to uncover the secrets of top-performing user experiences. By examining Amazon's leading brands like Ring, Smart Lighting, and Nest, a gold standard for best practices was established.

Our approach?

Compare and analyze visuals, copy, and other content elements across dozens of relevant brands. This deep dive led us to set up hypotheses about what truly resonates with customers.

For the Hue product portfolio, we explored different visual explanations, always aiming to clarify, not confuse the user. Through extensive user testing, we pinpointed what drove conversion.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 35 user tests, engaging 600+ participants, and producing 250 tailored assets. All to ensure the best online shopping experience for Hue's target audience.

A customer-centric Amazon workflow

Nailing Amazon ecommerce content can be especially tricky for products with a complex value proposition. Where multiple features need to be communicated in an easy to understand way.

But with insights from our user tests, we found a clear path to design standout product pages. We prioritized clear, simple visuals right at the top of the page, and produced engaging 'A+ content' that speaks directly to customers.

Our research wasn't just about understanding; it was about the process. We produced clear images, compelling videos, and a comprehensive content guide.

This guide is more than just another document; it's a roadmap for any agency partnering with Philips in the future. And the benefits don't stop there.

With this approach, the marketing and communications team now has a clear blueprint to brief agencies. No more ambiguity, no more wasted resources. Every penny of their budget is now optimized, ensuring they get the best value and results from agencies they work with.

Our strategy? Rapid experimentation and instant feedback.

This approach allowed us to tailor content that fits perfectly within the e-commerce landscape in a short timeframe, making shopping simpler and more enjoyable for users.

With the new insights from user testing, a clear pattern emerged with which to design the product pages. From 'above-the-fold' imagery, to 'A+ content', we developed clear guidelines on how to produce content that's most clear and engaging.

"We often struggle with project plans that aren’t 100% complete. However, the Leapworks team was able to produce high quality content quickly, with a great eye for digital assets."
Kara Babb
Head of e-commerce channel marketing

Value-Driven Content: a Quick Payback with Lasting Impact

For a large company diving into third-party e-commerce, the path can be riddled with challenges.

That's why the Philips Hue team asked us to help clarify their online product offerings.

With limited resources, we didn't just analyze and ideate; we reimagined how products should be presented online. Shifting away from the typical manufacturer-centric view, we centered our approach around the customer.

By focusing in on their needs and concerns, we made content that's not only on brand and beautiful, but also drives conversions.

The best part?

Our comprehensive content guide, a tool that ensures efficiency, quality, and cost savings for all future content production with external agencies.

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Producing content with the user at its core.

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Company-wide impact with a lean, two-member team.

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Empowering marketeers and guide external agencies in the production process.

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