Redesigning the Philips Lighting website

Improving visitor goal completion rate, using existing photography and web-platform. No development needed

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Mockup of two floating phones showing the new Philips Lighting b2b website

The new Philips Lighting website displayed on mobile.

Engaging a Global Audience

Philips Lighting, rebranded as ‘Signify’, is a global leader in LED lighting. Their expansive product portfolio reaches a diverse audience across multiple industries, primarily through distributors and wholesalers.

When Product Know-How Isn't Enough

Despite their industry leadership, Philips Lighting faced a challenge: low engagement on their LED consumer website. Their teams were knowledgable about product specs but lacked expertise in web-UX, visual design, and development.

Maximizing Existing Content

Leapworks helped out with a fresh perspective. After analysis of the website and user tests, we redesigned key pages. By reusing existing assets in clever ways - without needing developer time - we improved the user experience, leading to a significant increase in User Goal Completion Rates.

Uncovering key user issues.

You don't need to spend large sums on research agencies to conduct lengthy surveys. To improve your website, often the best insights come from the data you already have and simple 1-1 usability tests with actual users.

By inviting a handful of participants for live sessions, we got to see firsthand how real users navigated the Philips site. No fancy research lab needed, just a laptop using screen recording and a script to go through the key user tasks we defined.

The results? Clear insights into what's tripping users up, especially when it came to finding specific product information and using the catalog filters.

This feedback and a year's worth of survey data, we used to design new clickable prototypes of the key pages. This prototype we then tested and refined with feedback from real users and our internal team before actually building it.

As they say in usability “Testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end".

How to boost user goal completion using existing resources

It's a common belief (among design agencies at least) that large corporate web platforms are restrictive, resulting in outdated and rigid components.

The instinct is often to bring in agency + developers for a complete overhaul. But sometimes, innovation lies in using what you already have, just in smarter ways.

For this project, we didn't ask for new components or development time. Instead, we rearranged existing building blocks and content. We dove into the client’s image bank to select and edit visuals to tell a clearer, more compelling story. For a more authentic voice, the messaging was refined to be more simple and direct, getting rid of the typical marketing jargon.

The result?

A significant 22% boost in User Goal Completion Rate, simply by making the most of the resources we already had. Sometimes, the best solutions are right in front of you.

This project was driven part-time by a Leapworks designer, working closely with the client's Marketing and Communications manager, and with support from an intern in the same department.

"With limited resources and information, Leapworks was able to consult, do user research, and re-use our assets into something brand new. Simply a pleasure to work with!"
Mellissa van Heest
Marketing Communications Director

A great User Experience built on 'boring' building blocks.

While many see development restrictions as a setback, our team saw it as a chance to fully use the client's web platform and content management system.

By tapping into the large library of existing images and understanding the available web modules, we ensured a smooth handover with the production team.

This approach, led by a dedicated on-site Leapworks designer, resulted in a full website transformation in just 3 months, and a successful launch of the new consumer site.

Additionally, the client was handed a concise report detailing our tests and the improved User Goal Completion Rate. This gave the marketing and communications department solid proof of success to present to senior leadership.

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No coding, just reimagined design using existing assets.

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A single designer handling research, design, and handover.

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Clear reporting showcasing improvements and success.

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