About Leapworks.

In more than 10 years working for building material manufacturers, we've seen how hard it can be for companies to meet the digital needs of their customers. Whether selling directly or to other businesses, the demand for good online experiences is higher than ever.

With skills in User Experience Design, Graphic design, Branding, and Front-end Development, we've become trusted partners for marketing departments looking to be more effective online. Our growing team of digital experts in Amsterdam — ranging from junior to seasoned designers and builders — is ready to help.

We're more than just tech-savvy folks though. Our clients like the way we blend good looking designs with real functionality, always keeping their brand and customers in mind. We've worked with big manufacturing companies, handling complex product ranges across different countries and customers. But we're also quick to help startups build and brand their ideas fast.

Plus, people find us easy and transparent to work with, valuing our straightforward approach and good taste in digital design.

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Our team.

Find the support you need out of a varied group of digital builders and designers.

Profile picture of Marijn de Smit
Marijn de Smit
Team Lead, Digital Design
UX  |  Visual Design  |  User Research  |  Strategy

Passionate designer for 10 years. Pragmatic, fast prototyper, user experience design. Team lead.

Profile picture of Thomas van Burken
Thomas van Burken
Prototyping and web design
Front-end development  |  CSS Animation

Skilled web builder, marketing automation, custom HTML/CSS solutions.

Profile picture of Jessica Kuhn
Jessica Kuhn
Branding and creative strategy
Branding  |  Photography  |  Art direction

Content creation machine, with the skills and energy to facilitate any brand challenge.

Profile picture of Nikoletta Argyriou
Nikoletta Argyriou
Visual Design Specialist
Visual Design  |  Desktop publishing

Driven in visual design, layout, and producing print or digital for scale.

We're hiring!

Interested in joining our team? Reach out to find out more about our open positions.

Companies we work with.

Our team gets along well with marketers and project managers from brands in the building material industry, trying to become more digital.

If you want clear, effective digital work without internal corporate hassle or too much agency fluff, we're probably a very good match.

Our values through success and challenges.

Together, we've discovered the best ways to work with our clients.

Start now

Going 'live' is scary. But we believe in creating and showing something new everyday. We're ‘content machines’ in the best way possible.

Customer first

Make your customer’s life easier, and give them a reason to stay. Because it's the right thing to do, but it's also good for business.


We keep it simple for our clients and their customers. Let's drop the 'marketing speak' and get straight to the point.

Move upwards

Your success shouldn’t go unnoticed. We look out for your personal goals and getting you and your team the credits you deserve.

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