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Unlock your brand's full potential and build effective websites, campaigns, or social posts that convert. With our digital designers & builders, you can break free from slow processes and stand out from your competition.

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Do More With Less

Ditch outdated ways of working and unlock new productivity levels with modern digital tools. Boost your reach, engagement, and conversion with our expertise.

Turn Ideas Into Action

No more endless brainstorming. Use our design know-how to build your ideas, so you can start getting real life, tangible results.

Earn Recognition

Elevate your brand and let your team shine. We're here to bring your vision to the forefront, so you and your team get the credits you deserve.

Here’s some topics we can take off your shoulders:

  • Website effectiveness

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    Maximize Your Website's Potential with Existing Assets. Improve usability and boost conversions, all without needing custom development.

    Two web pages of the redesigned Philips Lighting B2C website, showing the new homepage and product catalog page.
  • Marketing content that CONVERTS

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    From landing pages to brochures to price lists, you can make every touch point more impactful. Deliver your brand's message with user-tested content that drives conversions and generates more leads.

    Over-the-shoulder view of a person reading a magazine, focused on Rockfon application areas. One of the main services of the Leapworks design agency.
  • Validate ideas, minimize risks

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    Test new business ideas before launch. Whether it's a new product or a sustainability initiative. Use quick prototyping, user testing, and smart tools to reduce risks and only launch ideas that resonate with your customers.

    Over-the-shoulder view of a person building a microsite for a product launch campaign. One of the services of the Leapworks design agency.
  • Brand itentity

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    Aligning your branding across various touchpoints and audiences can be challenging. We help build and maintain consistency across initiatives to build trust with your customers.

    Two hands holding a tablet showing the new Parafon Visual Brand Identity guidelines

Curious how we can help? Check out our services page

"We often struggle with project plans that aren’t 100% complete. However, the Leapworks team was able to produce high quality content quickly, with a great eye for digital assets."
Kara Babb
Head of e-commerce channel marketing
"With limited resources and information, Leapworks was able to consult, do user research, and re-use our assets into something brand new. Simply a pleasure to work with!"
Mellissa van Heest
Marketing Communications Director
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Rod Mayer
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2 Set Goals Together

Tell us about your situation so we can  understand your challenges and define an outcome together.

3 Start Doing More With Less

Unlock your brand's full potential and start building effective websites, campaigns, and social posts that convert.

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Have Questions First?

How can we start working together?
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You can reach out to us via our contact form. Alternatively feel free to shoot us a message over linkedin.We’d start with planning a meeting aimed to understand your problem or idea for a project.

We’d define your needs together to see how our services could be of help.The following step is our project proposal, including a cost and timeline estimate, as well as clearly described deliverables and goals. After you review the proposal for approval, we’ll send over a work agreement and schedule a kickoff.After this it’s time to kickoff and start getting things done!

How much does a project usually cost?
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Although every project can be different in scope, in our experience there’s a couple of common scenarios we often encounter:

Imagine a large corporate website overhaul that will generate more leads, AND amazes your competitors and colleagues. It might cost up to €30.000. Which is a fraction of the cost of many complex alternatives.

But let’s say you’re launching a new product, and are looking to promote it using a high quality landing page, a small website, or give it deserved attention via a dedicated section on your company’s existing website. We could design it, test it, and build it, offering an impactful experience. Meaning a successful launch for around €10.000 - 15.000.

This is without involving other expensive agencies or any web developer.Maybe you’re looking into content marketing, and need help developing high quality digital brochures or product guides for high value customers.

We could research, design, and test industry guides that generate leads, create trust, and outperform competition. This type of design work typically cost around €3000. And that includes a competitive analysis, visual design, and user insights.Overall, we can offer research, design, and 'production' services from talented juniors to more experienced senior designers ranging for around €60 per hour and €90 per hour respectively.

We focus on projects with a minimum total budget of €3000. This way we ensure high standards and room to understand the details of a project.We're flexible to work for fixed project fees, hourly rates, and monthly retainers. Whatever way fits best for your situation.

I simply need urgent help with something, what do I do?
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For an urgent project request, that has a clear scope and deadline, it’s possible to make an exception on the usual onboarding process. We can try to get started as quickly as possible if the project is a good fit and you need help now.Contact us to discuss possibilities here.

What clients do you usually work for? What industries?
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We specialise in working with B2B corporates, specifically manufacturers in the building industry (see our cases from Philips Lighting or Rockfon). For this type of partners we also help with the consumer business, where besides User Experience Design, eCommerce Design is an important topic.Our clients are often active in several countries, trying to address multiple types of audiences in many sectors, making relevant experiences a complex thing to achieve.

We like to work closely within project teams of digital marketing or marketing communication departments, often reporting to Project managers, Marketing Directors, Head of Marketing, CMO, or CEOs.We're great partners for companies who are dealing with corporate complexities in their systems and teams, but still want to act on the changing digital landscape. Our designs and solutions can be applied in your existing systems and managed internally once a project comes to an end.

How do our internal designers and developers work with the Leapworks team?
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While we do highlight solutions that are compatible with your current web- and CMS platforms, which requires practically no development time, we also love to work with internal developers, designers, and other team members.

On a daily basis, we align our designs with designers, developers, web specialists, and other stakeholders using the latest digital tools OR simply the tools that you like to use  (Jira, Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Teams, Miro).

What can I expect day-to-day when I hire you for a project.
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During a project, you can expect us to be available all business days for calls, meetings, and updates. Usually we communicate via Outlook, Teams, Skype, Slack, Jira, or any other platform your team operates in. We’d be working on a design task and able to report and present progress on a weekly basis.

We can discuss details on a daily basis if you prefer, not much different from an internal team member working from home.Our focused teams would be able to handle project management, digital design (user experience, interfaces, animations, visuals, branding), front-end development, desktop publishing, and more.